Medford Piano Lessons

(for ages 6 and up)

medford Looking for piano lessons in the Medford and Malden area? Our piano teachers teach a variety of styles from traditional classical music to contemporary and modern pop music. So whether you want to learn some Mozart or are interested in playing song by your favorite artists, we can help you get there.

Piano students will learn proper piano technique, theory concepts and how to read sheet music so that you can learn to play some of your favorite songs. Our teachers try to incorporate modern day music into lessons whenever possible if that is your interest. This makes lessons fun for our students.

You do not need to have a piano at home to start taking lessons. Many student start off with a cheap, full sized keyboard to start their lessons. Our teachers are great with both adults and children and love sharing the joy of music with their students.

Imagine Being Able To:

  • Play some of your favorite songs.
  • Learn in a fun and friendly environment.
  • Impress family and friends with your new skills.
  • Discover the joy of playing piano in your home

    "I really feel the investment in my instrument was well worth it...If I travel and a friend has a piano, I'll play little diddies here and there. At home I really enjoy just stopping for 10-15 minutes at a time. It really helps me's really just a fun thing. It's been quite a nice hobby to pick up. I'm really happy with it." - Doreen

    Ways We Can Make You Become A Better Piano Player

  • Learn to faster than on your own via instant feedback from professional instructors.

  • Learn how to create go practice habits for greater success with your instrument.

  • You will learn the right things, in the right order, at the right time.

  • You will learn to play songs you know and love.

  • You will have fun learning in a friendly, pressure free environment.

  • You will have opportunities to perform your music in front of a live audience.

    "Leah has been taking piano lessons at LB Music School for one year. She has learned to read music and memorized many songs and has put a few of them to good use. She played "Happy Birthday" for me as I prepared to blow out my candles this past October (How awesome is that?!) and at a Holiday Party this past December, she sat at the Hostess' Baby Grand piano and played "Jingle Bells" for the crowd. Not only has she gained musical knowledge but she also has a great sense of self confidence after seeing what she is capable of. ...We could not have asked for better. LB Music School and its staff have by far exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend it to others." - Leah's Mom

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