Lauren Bateman (voice, guitar)

Lauren Bateman is owner and head instructor at LB Music School. She specializes in acoustic guitar, voice, songwriting and performance skills. As a local recording artist, Lauren's love of music started at the age of 12 when her mother signed her up for piano lessons. But her real passion for music started when her sister bought her a guitar at the age of 16. Within a few months of learning how to play, Lauren began writing her own songs while sitting in her basement or in her room at night.

Lauren attended Boston University where she started to develop her own musical style as well as her desire to perform. She was inspired by watching many independent artists grace the stages of the local clubs and venues in Boston. Upon graduation, Lauren began studying voice to pursue music as a career.

Lauren has been touring the local Boston music circuit since 2007 playing venues like The Middle East, Johnny D's and Oliver's Nightclub. She has also played out in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire and has played festivals with thousands of people in attendance. Lauren has released two independent albums, I've Been Waiting (2010) and Here I Am (2012). Music from her albums has already been awarded with inclusion on multiple compilation CDs and use in television promotion.

Lauren is a graduate of the Music Careers Mentoring Program with master guitarist and musician Tom Hess. She has learned a lot of information about the do's and don'ts of the music business not known by most guitar or singing teachers in Boston.

Lauren continues her music education by attending music conferences and is currently studying for a certification in TVS vocal methodology (Anne Wilson - Heart, Chris Cornell - Audioslave, Layne Stayley - Alice In Chains; Geoff Tate - Queensrych) with instructor Robert Lunte.

Not only does Lauren hope to be a great guitar or voice teacher to you, she also would like to commit herself to being a personal mentor to help you get your music career started. She is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Together, you can become the musician you have always wanted to be. What are you waiting for?

Scott Toomey (guitar, bass, piano)

Scott is a guitarist, pianist and vocalist born and raised in Boston. Scott started taking piano lessons at the age of six, and then added guitar lessons at the age of thirteen. His love for guitar transitioned into a pursuit of musical theory training at Berklee College of Music, where he earned a certificate in Professional Music in 1997. Soon after Berklee, Scott attended Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida where he earned an Associate's Degree in the Recording Arts in 1999.

Today, Scott works as the Music Director and full-time string player for the Blue Man Group, where he plays guitar, bass and unique instruments such as the electric zither, and the Chapman stick. He teaches lessons in guitar, piano, bass and vocals - and who knows, maybe zither and stick one day too, if anyone is brave enough to try!

Kevin Pineau (bass, guitar)

Kevin Pineau is an amazing guitar and bass teacher. Music has always been a big part of his life. He first picked up the guitar at age 12, took to it immediately and never looked back.

His father, an avid music collector and guitar playing hobbyist, laid the foundation for what would be a passionate outlet of freedom in music. His early influences being The Beatles, Aerosmith, Green Day, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tool.

After some private lessons, Kevin was soon jamming with friends and bands alike. Kevin played with various bands throughout his teenage years and by the time he was 17, he was playing nightclubs throughout the Boston area, northern MA and in NH. He was recently featured on the Emmy award winning T.V. show Community Auditions with singer/songwriter Lauren Bateman as well as with Mix 104.1 house band the Siracusa Project.

Kevin gained experience recording at UMass Lowell and has gained insight into what it takes to have a successful music career through the Tom Hess Music Careers Mentoring Program. He continues to improve on his musical knowledge via workshops and clinics so that he can better serve your guitar playing goals. Kevin has studied (and continues to study) with Tom Hess, virtuoso and lead guitar player for the band Rhapsody of Fire.

Kevin wants to help you learn to play guitar. He knows what a creative outlet it can be and focuses on encouraging each and every student to reach their full potential on the guitar. Kevin wants to help you become the guitar player you want to be.

Jane Park (violin, guitar)

Jane Park is a Boston, Indie-Rock Singer/Songwriter and violinist. She started out in the Boston rock scene playing violin for Alen of Dale, Water for Ivan, Ginger Ibex, and Raleigh Tavern.

While playing for these bands, she started writing her own music and played opening spots at the All Asia, Gulu-Gulu Cafe, The Outpost, and the Lily Pad. She now plays with drummer Eric Landers and bassist Rob Johanson, headlines all over Cambridge and Somerville, and has released a full-length album The Wrong Thing.

Jane studied violin with Nancy Cirillo and jazz violin with Paula Zeitlin. She is currently in her sixth year playing with the New England Philharmonic.

Nicole Bradley (voice)

Nicole Bradley is a vocal teacher who grew up just outside the Boston area. Her love of music started at the young age of 12 when a Jazz musician asked her if she was interested in singing lessons. Nicole said yes and studied Jazz till she was 18.

Nicole graduated from Regis College in Weston, MA. During her time at Regis she studied classical, and modern music for voice. She was the President of the Regis College Glee Club for 2 years, and often led many choral rehearsals when the music director was out. She also has substitute taught basic piano classes at Regis.

Nicole has a strong passion for music and her students love her dedication to helping them learn. Since graduating from Regis, Nicole stills with the Regis Glee Club and recently traveled to Barcelona Spain to perform.

Nicole wants to help you become the singer you want to be, and help you to reach your goals!

Mike Doyle (drums, guitar)

Singer-songwriter Michael Thomas Doyle delivers ear-catching, soul-searing songs, seamlessly blending blues, funk, jazz, and rock styles with thoughtful lyrics and tasteful melodic writing. A musical prodigy, Michael began studying guitar and drums at age 5, immediately immersing himself deep in the roots of B.B. King, Pat Metheny, and Warren Haynes. He has been compared to John Mayer, with the Noise Magazine proclaiming his "talent by the boatload," and likening his live guitar skills to those of Keith Richards.

Berklee College of Music quickly took note of this talented multi-instrumentalist, and he entered their professional music program after high school, studying with Jackie Santos, Terri Lyne Carrington, and Mike Mele. Shortly thereafter, Michael began working for Chelsea Berry as a guitarist and the producer of her critically acclaimed LP, Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. He lends his inimitable talents to numerous projects, including The Gary Backstrom Band, and international sensation XYZ. The recipient of the Louis Armstrong Award and WZLX's 2007 Best Teen Musician, Michael has just released his first solo EP, The Storm Colors.

Dan Teza (piano, guitar, bass, violin, ukulele)

Dan has over 20 years experience as a musician and over ten years of experience as a music instructor. Dan specializes in Pop, Rock, Classical and Jazz. If an instrument has a strong melody, it's likely that Dan can play it. Dan studied at the University of Art in Philadelphia, PA (Music Performance Major - String Bass), as well as William Paterson University (Music Education Major).

Dan has performed and rehearsed with Marky Ramone of The Ramones and well worked and recorded with Dez Cadena and Julio (Robo) Valverde of Black Flag. He has also toured with the Misfits as a stage manager and a guitar/bass technician.

Dan would love to work with you and help you become a better musician. Dan is great with younger children and can help your child get started on the piano, violin or guitar.

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