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Welcome to LB Music School of Medford, Wakefield and Lynn where we inspire students ages 5 & up to find joy and happiness through music lessons. We foster confidence and creativity in students of all ages through our quality guitar, piano, violin, drum, ukulele and singing lessons. 

Imagine what it would be like to have fun learning music you love and enjoying the process.

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"What you are going to love about our piano, singing, violin, Drum, Ukulele and guitar lessons is our sincere desire to help you achieve your goals."

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You will love working with The most qualified and Patient teachers in the area who are dedicated to helping you.

All of our staff members are college educated and have years of teaching experience. So whether you are taking guitar instruction or singing lessons, you will be paired with an expert teacher.

At LB Music School of Medford, Wakefield & Lynn, we are dedicated to giving you every resource to make that possible. We strive to provide a learning environment that is friendly and makes you feel like you are part of our musical family.


All of our staff are committed to providing you with the best music lessons experience to help foster creativity whether students are absolute beginners or have had years of experience. We will give you the structure you want and the motivation you need whether your child is taking piano lessons or you are trying o master the guitar.

Imagine the success you will have...

when you have a supportive and patient teaching faculty behind you holding your hand through the entire process. If you are feeling stuck or just confused with where to start, you are in the right spot and we want to help you with your or your child’s violin, singing, guitar, drum, ukulele or piano lessons.


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LB Music School is very happy to serve the communities of Medford, Malden, Everett, Somerville, Stoneham, Wakefield, Reading, Lynnfield, Revere, Saugus, Lynn, and many more. Thank you for your support.