Ukulele Lessons in Medford & Lynn

Learn to play the ukulele by learning songs that you know and love. Great for students both young and old.


If you are in love with the sound of the ukulele or are looking to get your child into music lessons with an easier instrument, then try ukulele lessons. Ukulele is a great option for younger children that want to learn guitar but might not be old enough to play guitar yet.


We offer ukulele instruction to students ages 5 & up in all styles of music. We will pair you with one of our ukulele teachers that will help you learn your way around the instrument and start having fun playing music.


We teach absolute beginners as well as advanced students who have been trying to learn on their own for years. No matter your skill level, we will find a teacher to help you get to the next step.


Our Ukulele teachers will help:

  1. Help you with the basics of strumming and note playing

  2. Answer your questions and solve your problems

  3. Teach you what to practice week to week

  4. Help you learn music through songs you like

  5. Provide opportunities to those that desire to perform and write their own music

LB Music School prides ourselves on focusing on the student first. We want students to have fun with music as quickly as possible and the ukulele is no different.

Request more information below to learn how we can help you or your child get started with ukulele lessons.