3 Reasons You May Not Be Making Progress With Your Music Goals

Often times you will here from people, “Oh I wish I could do this better.” or “I feel like I should be better at this.” or “If only there was a way for me to become better at this.”

I’m here to tell you that there is a way to become a better musicians and reach your goals faster. Keep reading.

You Try To Go It On Your Own


Now as someone who is a self-taught guitarist, at some point, I had to get instruction to become better. I played guitar for years, but I was very frustrated by the fact that everyone else I met who played guitar seemed so much better than me.

I finally broke down.

I needed help and I needed it badly. Was it an investment? Yes. I spent a lot of money on my guitar lessons, but was it worth every penny? Absolutely!

For each instrument after that (voice, drums and now piano), I made sure to learn from a qualified and respected teacher.

When I got back into learning to play piano after 20 years, I hired my own teachers to help me learn. Yes, I believe so much in good quality instruction that I actually use my own teachers!

Point being. Find yourself a good teacher today and you won’t be wishing you could play an instrument or sing anymore.

You Have Doubts That You Can Actually Be Good

Let me start off my telling you there is no such thing as natural talent. OK, maybe 0.01% of the population, but the rest of us have to work hard for what we want.

Think of your favorite artists and I will guarantee that it didn’t come easy for 99% of them. I know if definitely did not come easy for me

You can be good. You can be successful, and myself and my team of teachers want to help you be successful.

If you give us 100% we guarantee that you will become a great musician.

You Don’t Have Solid Goals In Place

The #1 reason that anyone fails at anything in life is not having written goals for success.

At LB Music School, we believe that goal setting is a vital part of the process of learning to play music. This is why I always check in my students to make sure we are achieving not only the things they need to learn to be a successful musicians, but also checking in to make sure they are learning the things that they want to learn that makes music fun.

If you don’t write you goals down, how will you ever know that you will achieve them?

People are sometimes shocked with how far they have come when they take a look back at what they were trying to achieve a year ago. This is why we host a number of performance opportunities throughout the year as they provide good targets for checking on progress and sharing your success with others.

Stop Wishing You Could Play An Instrument Or Sing…

Take action today.

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Mike Doyle