Is This Normal?


I had a student come in one day after a practice with her band. She was new to singing and had only been taking voice lessons for a couple months.

She asked me:

“Lauren, is it normal for people to hear a difference in my voice after only 1 month? I met with my band last night and we hadn’t practice in a month and people could already hear the difference in my voice. I thought they were joking.”

I replied that it’s not uncommon for others to see or hear the changes we are going through before we do. If you practice your exercises and do exactly what I tell you, results like that are guaranteed.

This student went on to take voice lessons for a number of years as she loved hearing the feedback from her band, expanded her range much further than she imagined, was able to write songs in higher keys and build power and style into her performances. She even went on to record her own demo.

How cool is that?


So why did lessons work so well for this student as well as many other students at our school?

I know what you’re thinking, these students had some “natural talent” for music, so I would never be able to do that. 

Actually, I will give you the TWO REASONS why they had such success:

  1. Accountability

  2. Mentoring/Coaching

At LB Music School, you have someone checking in on you every week and holding you accountable for what you are saying you are going to do.

I have some students come in after entrusting their lessons to a “guitar playing friend” only to find out they made no progress because the “friend” wasn’t holding them accountable to learning. Lessons were not structured and no plan of action was created.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have someone tracking your progress?

Do you have someone to ask questions to?

Do you have someone encouraging your to do better and reach your goals?

Do you have someone reminding you of the reasons you want to succeed?

If not, then why do you continue to do exactly what you’re doing now and expect different results?

If you want to make a real change in your life and finally reach your musical dreams, let LB Music School help you.

We are dedicated and committed to your success.

Mike Doyle