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Our Mission.

At LB Music School, we aspire to inspire. We foster creativity and confidence through fun and supportive music instruction. Students of all ages will develop both life-long discipline and happiness as we help them incorporate music into their lives. Our educators find fulfillment and community through a shared passion for music and changing lives through music.

Welcome to our family.

Hi, my name is Lauren Bateman (a.k.a. LB) and I am the founder and owner of LB Music School.

My promise to you is to provide the best possible music lesson experience whether the lessons are for yourself or your son or daughter. Our focus is to help students of all ages learn to have fun with music and help them build confidence in all areas of life.

For myself personally, music was a great outlet when I was growing up. It allowed me to express myself and get my emotions out. It was never my intention to pursue music professionally. In fact, my degree isn’t even in music, but, deep down it was my passion. I knew I wanted to help others experience and enjoy music they way I did. So I quit my job at the pharmaceutical company to start teaching music lessons out of my house.

Turns out I found my calling in life. In November 2012, I opened my first commercial location so that myself and my staff could help teach music to as many students as possible.

We look forward to helping you or your child discover the fun and excitement of music.